West Australian of the Year Awards 2022


 The Western Australian of the Year Awards celebrate exceptional Western Australians making extraordinary contributions in key areas such as arts and culture; the Aboriginal community; positive social, scientific and economic impact; sport and the WA community as a whole.

 To mark the 50th anniversary we are sharing the inspiring stories of 6 West Australian of the Year Award recipients. We visually explore what makes them a wonderful West Australian, and discover what it is about this great state that allowed them to grow, prosper and succeed.


Richard Goyder AO

2021 Western Australian of the Year and Community Award.

In a stellar 40-year career, Richard Goyder has dominated the business world. He was the Wesfarmer’s CEO who spearheaded the biggest and riskiest takeover in Australian corporate history, turning Coles, Kmart and Bunnings into retail titans. In 2021 as Telethon chairman, he presided over a record-breaking result: $62 million in a year when the non-profit sector was ravaged by COVID. He also chairs the WA Symphony Orchestra, Qantas, Woodside and AFL commission. Richard Goyder’s great strengths lie in the core lessons he’s learnt as a leader along the way: stay calm, nurture the talent you see around you and always try to make a difference. He says his family are his greatest achievement. In 2008 he was awarded the Industry & Commerce Award and again in 2021 for his commitment to philanthropy.



Professor Bruce Robinson

2013 West Australian of the Year and Business and Professions Award, supported by APM and HBF.

He’s the boy from Bassendean, who’s dad taught him that it’s not what you get out of life, but what you put into it that counts. Bruce Robinson is the perfect mix of brains and maverick aided by an indelible streak of empathy. His ground breaking cancer research, mentoring of medical students in the art of compassionate doctoring, his volunteer work in third world countries and his incredible success with the Fathering project are some of the reasons Bruce was named 2013 West Australian of the Year.



Bourby Webster

2019 Woodside Art and Culture Award.

Bourby Webster believes the magic ingredient in the community is music. And nothing nourishes the soul like live orchestral music. Since 2011, her Perth Symphony Orchestra has been giving West Australian audiences goosebumps, spine tingles and the kind of listening pleasures human nature cannot do without.  Bourby Webster has taken classical music out of the Concert Hall and into the most unexpected of West Australian places and spaces. She wants contemporary audiences to be able to experience the traditional symphony orchestra in new and thrilling ways.



Kendal Whyte

2021 BHP Youth Award.

Kendall Whyte carries her brother with her in the bright blue trees of WA.

Her Blue Tree Project is a powerful international platform for promoting better understanding of mental health. Every one of the world’s 800 blue trees — from Melbourne to Missouri to Manchester —serves as a striking visual reminder that ‘it’s okay not to be okay.’

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