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The Department of Education together with Celebrate WA have collaborated on an exciting project which focuses on the development of a sense of Western Australian community; and what it means to be Western Australian, among public primary school students in years three to six.

This special project provides opportunities for primary schools and their communities to engage in a range of new and innovative programs and learning platforms through educational resources, literature workshops, an e-exchange and story books in Aboriginal English.

A selection of these learning units can be accessed via the links below, or the entire collection of curriculum resources, Aboriginal English story books and literature workshops is available to teachers via the Department’s Connect Resources site.

Year Three: Humanities and Social Science – A Roadtrip Around Australia

Outline Document
Task Brief

Year Four: English – Emblem Of Choice

Outline Document
Task Brief
Persuasive Text
Marking Key

Year Five: Media Arts – Heroes Are Closer Than You Think!

Outline Document
Task Brief
Graphic Organiser
Storyboard Example
Storyboard Template
Marking Key

Year Six: Science – Early Innovators

Outline Document
Variable Grid
Investigation Planner


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