Main Stage 

For the first time, the festival will host two massive free music concerts. On Sunday 2 June, families, the young, and the young at heart will be entertained by an incredible line-up featuring headline act Guy Sebastian, Eskimo Joe, The Waifs, Sneaky Sound System, End of Fashion, Drea, Ullah, and Ricky Neil Jr. This diverse mix of artists ensures there will be something for everyone to enjoy, creating a lively and inclusive atmosphere.

On Monday 3 June, the WA Day Festival will showcase local music icons such as POND, Grievous Bodily Calm, Siobhan Cotchin, Maatakitj, Angie Colman, Joan & The Giants, and Mia June.

In addition to these stellar performances, WA DJs will keep the energy high between sets, making both days of the festival a must-attend event for music lovers. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to enjoy two days of free, all-Australian music in the heart of Perth. 

See the full line-up and artists HERE.

FREE Carnival Rides and Sideshow Alley 

Get ready to experience the thrill of a lifetime, we’re offering an exhilarating array of FREE carnival rides and attractions for all ages! Including: 

  • NEW Jurassic Temple Ride; 
  • Dream Swinger; 
  • Dodgem Drift 2; 
  • Storm; 
  • Camelot Castle Inflatable; 
  • Runaway Train; 

If that’s not enough excitement, test your luck at Sideshow Alley with games like Lucky Numbers and the Shooting Gallery, and don’t forget to grab your favourite show bags for some memorable souvenirs. With a lineup this thrilling, the WA Day festival promises an unforgettable experience for the whole family! 

Silent Disco 

Prepare to dance the day away with the return of the crowd-favourite Giant Silent Disco! Get ready to groove to epic tunes pulsating through light-up headphones atop the picturesque grassy knolls of Burswood Park. With 12 of WA’s finest DJs spinning your favourite tracks across multiple channels, there’s something for everyone to dance to. Secure one of the 350 headsets available and lose yourself in the music as you move and groove to the beats. 

While soaking in the electrifying atmosphere, don’t miss the chance to capture a memorable moment with the gigantic inflatable DJ Quokkas. This larger-than-life spectacle is a must-see and a perfect backdrop for unforgettable photos. 

Mrs Mac’s Pie-Fest 

Get ready for a mouthwatering extravaganza as Mrs Mac’s presents PIE-FEST 2024! This delectable event promises two days of seriously tasty fun, featuring thrilling pie speed-eating competitions that will crown WA’s fastest pie enthusiasts. Join in the excitement and challenge yourself to devour pies with lightning speed alongside friends, family, or even rivals. Register now to secure your spot and vie for fantastic prizes, including a $500 voucher and a six-month supply of pies for the first-place winners each day! 

For those eager to witness the excitement unfold, head over to the Mrs Mac’s Pie-Fest stage between 10:30AM – 4:00PM next to the silent disco. Don’t miss out on this ultra-fun contest that celebrates the joy of good food and friendly competition! 

Beyond Distilling

Beyond Distilling proudly showcasing their range of Western Australian-inspired spirits. Crafted with care and passion, their spirits are 98.5% grown within 500 km of Perth, capturing the essence of our beautiful state.

Here’s a glimpse of their tasting lineup:

  • x17 Gin: A harmonious blend of botanicals that reflects the diverse landscapes of WA.
  • x17 Rose Gin: Infused with delicate rose petals, paying tribute to our blooming wildflowers.
  • Yuzu Gin: Zesty and refreshing, like a sun-kissed day on our pristine coastline.
  • Jaffa Martini: A delightful fusion of chocolate and orange, reminiscent of our warm sunsets.
  • X Factor Brandy: Smooth and rich, embodying the spirit of WA’s fertile vineyards.

Located in the licensed area in the WA Day Festival Zone.

Community and Education Alley presented by Alcoa will feature the following attractions.

Alcoa at WA Day 

The Alcoa Marquee at this year’s festival promises a fun-filled experience with a variety of free activities for families and kids of all ages. Bring your children along for an exciting workshop with artists from Sculpture by the Sea, where they can create their own recyclable aluminium masterpieces. Explore the fascinating technology that powers Alcoa’s operations, including a demonstration by the Alcoa Robot Dog. Kids can also dress up as miners and snap memorable photos at the haul truck photo wall. 

Spudshed Cooking Station

If you’re more into food than sport, but you don’t feel like stuffing your face with pies, then the Spudshed Cooking Station is for you, with multiple sessions from 11AM both days with some incredible chefs. Catch Jake Lynch from Santini Bar and Grill; Brendan Owen, from Rockpool; Tony Galati himself (from, of course, Spudshed); Channel 7 personalities Sam Jolly; Ben Cousins and more. The Spudshed Cooking Station will be heating up both days:

Sunday 2 June from 11AM – 4PM

11AM: Amanda Proud, ex MKR and Angela Tsun (Channel 7)

12PM: Tony Galati, Spudshed and Tina Altieri (Channel 7)

1PM: Jake Lynch, Santini Bar and Grill and Charlotte Goodlet (Channel 7)

2PM: James Wong, Print Hall and Rachel Tassicker (Channel 7)

3PM: Charlie Vargas, Pirate Life Perth and Jerrie Demasi (Channel 7)

4PM: Logan Place, Fleur

Monday 3 June 11AM – 3PM

11AM: Amanda Proud, ex MKR and Sam Jolly (Channel 7)

12PM: Amanda Proud, ex MKR and Ryan Daniels (Channel 7)

1PM: Brendan Owen, Rockpool and Adrian Barich (Channel 7

2PM: Amanda Proud, ex MKR and Matt Tinney (Channel 7)

3PM: Blake and Amanda Proud, ex MKR and Ben Cousins (Channel 7)

RAC Rescue Experience

Experience the thrill of life-saving missions through cutting-edge VR technology at WA Day where visitors can join the crew of WA’s only emergency rescue helicopter service on an immersive 360-degree adventure. This VR experience transports you to the skies, putting you right alongside the crew as they transport a patient to medical care. Discover the vital and heroic work of the emergency rescue team and get a taste of what it’s like to be a part of this incredible service. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to step into the world of emergency medical rescue and witness their crucial efforts firsthand. 

WA Museum and Sikh Gurdwara Perth

Prepare to embark on an immersive journey into the mysterious world of camels as the Western Australian Museum (WAM) invites you to explore Camel Camp, an interactive exhibition questioning the presence of these magnificent creatures in Australia. Discover the fascinating history of the cameleers and ponder the mysteries surrounding the arrival and thriving of camels in the Western Australian environment.  

  • Begin your adventure at the WA Mobile Museum, a refurbished ship container offering a tantalizing glimpse into the WA Museum’s extensive collection of stories and objects;
  • Experience the excitement of Camel Tracks, a life-sized board game where you race around delivering water pipes while navigating obstacles and historical landmarks on the road to Kalgoorlie;
  • Build your own paper 3D camel sculpture, designed by local graphic artist Simone Ericson, and take home a tangible reminder of your Camel Camp adventure. 

Pan for Gold with Perth Mint 

Celebrate the 160th anniversary – Pan for Gold – with The Perth Mint, where young explorers embark on a thrilling journey of discovery. Delve into the dry sands in search of hidden treasures, reminiscent of the gold rush era in Western Australia. Each nugget unearthed reveals a unique prize awaiting collection at the Mint’s assay shed. 


Experience the thrill of discovery with SciTech’s immersive hands-on journey into the realms of science and technology. Unleash your curiosity as you engage with interactive exhibits, partake in stimulating activities, and witness captivating pop-up demonstrations. With knowledgeable science communicators at your side, delve into the “whys” and “how’s” behind scientific phenomena, igniting a passion for learning and exploration. Whether young or old, SciTech invites everyone to be inspired and actively participate in the wonders of science, making learning an exhilarating adventure for all. 

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Celebrate WA wish to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land we meet on for all WA Day festivities. We wish to acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this State. Paying our respects to Elders past, present, and emerging.

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